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Anthony Medendorp

Green Mountain Falls, CO 80819 | 616•828•8920 | |


Masters of computer science | Expected Dec 2017 | UCCS | G.P.A. 3.3

Major: Media Convergence, Games and Media Integration

Related coursework: Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Architecture, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Graphics, Adv. 3D Games & Digital Content

Bachelors of applied science | Spring 2013 | Ferris State University | G.P.A 3.2

Major: Digital Animation and Game Design | Minor: 3D Animation

Related coursework: Adv. Modeling and Animation, Game Programming with C# and C++, Digital FX, Level Design, Digital Imaging for 3D, Project Management, GUI Design

Technical Skills


C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, C, .NET, HTML5, CSS, ActionScript, BASIC


Visual Studio, jGRASP, Eclipse, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver, AfterEffects, Quixel Suite 2.0, Autodesk 3ds Max, Mudbox, Maya, Zbrush, Unreal Engine, Unity, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Access, Marmoset 2, World Machine 2, xNormal


MIPS Disassembler | Spring 2016

For my Computer Architecture class, I created a program in C++ using Visual Basic that simulated the basic MIPS instruction set within a processor. First reading 32-bit binary machine code from a file and storing them inside a hash map. Then the instructions are disassembled and using a starting program counter, the simulation will run the instructions including the normal arithmetic operators, conditions, and jumps.

raw2float/float2raw Converter | Fall 2016

For my Data Structure class, I created a program in Java using jGrasp that takes a floating point value and converts it to a String representing the normalized representation raw value in hex. I then created a program that converted the raw value in hex back to a float value. I utilized my own functions to convert from one base to another without using premade functions within Java. I stored all these functions within a library to be utilized as needed.

Microsoft XNA Summer Camp Class | Summer 2012

Taught a class to 8-17 year olds going over the basics of gave development in C# with XNA framework using Visual Studios. Class focused on the basics of game programming and sprite creation with the students ending with a playable game based around a template I had modified.


Big Brother for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado | 2014-2016

Frag Fest | Spring 2010

A team of two others and I took first place in a level design competition that ran over a 24-hour period in which we had to design/build a goblin-themed level in Unreal.